Our preparation for Supper in the Sukkah…

We went to visit the Sukkah. We sat inside and touched the corn stalks that make up the roof.


We painted different colors on our class’s piece of a school wide art project.


At our school event, we painted our family pieces for the art project.

We helped pour and mix the ingredients for the apple cake for Supper in the Sukkah.


It’s Fall!

After enjoying a very warm and sunny summer, we’ve welcomed another season – Fall.

During this season everything around us is changing, especially the trees.

The days are getting shorter and colder.

This season brings to us many amazing objects, many of which are new to us. We have colorful leaves, round orange pumpkins, and different shaped squash.


But the most fun we had was playing with the leaves…

We collected the leaves from outside and brought them to our class.

Leaves in the fall season change color from green into red, orange, yellow or brown and fall from trees. When we played with them, they made nice “crunch,c runch” sounds.

We painted over leaves and then could see the outline when the leaf was peeled off the paper.

The Fall season is so much fun!


Our day in the classroom…

Our school environment has so many experiences and objects to spark our curiosity. Each day in our classroom brings us lots of fun and new opportunities.

We  practice how to share toys and space with our friends.



We are learning how to be gentle with our hands when we interact with our new younger friends…


We love to spend time outside!


We are starting to develop our language skills.We are interested in looking at the picture books on our own and we are able to turn the pages.

We love to be in motion!

We are getting more adept at moving around our classroom, from crawling, to cruising, to taking our first independent steps…


Every day we have new experiences, reach new milestones and get  to know our friends better, which helps us through the day with smiles on our face!




Rosh Hashanah is coming!

Soon, we are going to Celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year.

Last week, Morah introduced us to this holiday by showing to us objects relative to Rosh Hashanah such as an apple, a shofar, and a honey jar. We had so much fun touching these objects and playing with them!

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Our first steps into Zimmer Preschool…


Our first week in preschool went by so quick ! We spent this time getting to know our new friends and discovering our classroom and the new toys around us. During these first few days. we were also to learning how to share classroom’s toys and play.




We were just enjoying the weather and spending time outside. Morah took us for a walk outside in our big stroller so we could see our new environment around the school building.

We are looking forward to a great year together!