So fun to be at school!

Each day in our classroom brings us  lots of fun and new experiences.

We practice how to share toys with our friends, looking at the books and hearing stories from Morahs.





A few days ago we helped with preparations for our school Purim party.

Every friend in our school made a special food gift called Mishloah Manot for another friend.

Together with our Morahs we decorated our special gift bags.

We used the paint with our hands and brushes to make our gift bags very colorful and unique.



When the bags were completely  dried, we helped Morahs  put food in the bags.

Our bags had two hamentashen (special cookies in a triangle shape) and pretzels.


We also made sound makers with a special name-gragger-which we used at Purim party.

We had little plastic bottles and we put rocks, beads and little bells through the hole.

This helps us developed our hand and eye coordination.

After that Morah taped the top of bottle closed to keep all the pieces inside.

Then, we checked to see if our graggers were working. We shook  our graggers as strong as we could.





Every day we have new experiences, reach new milestones and get to know our friends better,  which helps  us through the day with smiles on our faces ;)…




It’s Autumn !


After a warm and very sunny summer, we’ve entered the season of fall. This is our very first fall so everything that comes with autumn is so new and very exciting for us!

Morah showed us all the autumn treasures.

We were able to see and touch round and very orange pumpkins…


and different kinds of bumpy squash. We touched apples and felt how round and smooth they are…



But the most fun we had was with the leaves…

Leaves in the fall season change color from green into red, orange, yellow or brown and fall from the trees. When we played with the leaves, they made nice “crunch crunch” sounds.


Together with Morah, we placed leaves in a container with water.We were able to see that leaves can float on water too!


Fall is also time for cozy blankets, hat and coats!

This helps us feel warm during our outside time when days are chilly and windy.



We love to see every day when we go for a walk all of the pretty colors on the trees!






Our little hands ….

Our school environment has so many experiences and items to spark our curiosity.

Every day brings us new opportunities to explore.

We are getting  to know new shapes, different  textures, and  we are even getting to know ourselves!

One of the tools which we use to discover and learn about our  environment is our little hands.

Thanks to them ,we learned the ball that we play with is round and has many textures.

It can be  soft, hard and also bumpy…


Our hands  also  help our bodies sit  straight so we can see better and help us learn to balance ourselves.


We can grab objects  which we  are interested in  so  we can  take a closer look…



We are able to pull the things out of baskets and boxes …


We are still  little, but we  are already able to help our friends feel better by reaching  our and  holding their hands…


Our happy first week in Zimmer!

Our first week in preschool went by so quick! We spent this time to get to know our new friends and discovering our classroom and the new toys around us.






We were enjoying the weather and spending time outside. Morah took us for a walk in a stroller.




We  are looking  forward to a great year together!


End of the Year Project!

This year has flown by! Before the infants are off for the summer, they have been working so hard on their end of the year projects which will be revealed at their graduation ceremony. While working on their projects, they express their individuality and creativity on their project while developing their sensory learning with different colors and textures. And it can get a little messy. (:

The infants have been working on their side project which is to commemorate the newly planted apple tree at Zimmer Preschool. The infants chose their own stones while in outside play and painted their own apple which will be placed under the apple tree at the end of the year.

Making Music!

Here in the Infant class room, we are developing our appreciation for the arts! We have a couple of instruments in our class room and we’re letting our musical creativity soar! (:

Play time!

First of all, welcome back everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break (:

The infants build their social interaction when in the classroom. And there is no better way than through play time! The infants play and interact in our child safe indoor playground where they can slide, climb, and babble to each other.

It is also a great place where some of us can build our muscles so we can prepare ourselves to walk! (:

Arts and Crafts in the Infant Classroom

These busy bees are always exploring their creativity in the classroom with some new art supplies!

They are learning to make choices and learning various colors with these child-safe art supplies.

Previously celebrating Purim, the infants created their own noise makers with recycled materials such as water bottles, buttons, bells, and pebbles. They practiced their hand-eye coordination as they dropped items into a funnel. They will be so fun to use at our Purim party!



Finger Painting in the Infant classroom! 🙂


Creativity is always encouraged in the classroom, even though it can get a bit messy! We started out with the primary colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue. This enables the child to experiment with different color combinations.


We also experiment with different applicators to apply the paint on to our projects such as toy trucks, cotton swabs, and brushes. However, our most favorite is with our hands! 😀


Fun Photo Ops 🙂

20170202_111306 Just relaxing…

20170202_111316 Making some music…

20170207_143059 The mirror-top table is the “water cooler” of the infant room!

Making Art

We welcomed a new friend to our Infant and Walker class this week! She enjoyed making the rounds and saying hello to her new friends.



Our infants and walkers are making art for our Children’s Gallery event next week. By using different tools to paint on a white canvas, even our littlest artists are able to notice cause and effect. How interesting to see what our hands can do when we move them around and use different types of tools! To see the finished product, you will need to come to the unveiling on Wednesday! 😉

20170126_103349 20170126_105213  20170126_101512 img_4937 img_4954

Just for fun…Peekaboo!