Happy Purim !

Last week we were so busy preparing for Purim!

First Morah taught us new words: King and Queen. We tried to repeat after Morah.

 P1100639             P1100638

We made a special sound maker, which is called gragger. Morah gave us each a plastic bottle and we practiced our fine motor skills by putting little rocks and beads through the hole, one by one. When we were done adding stones, Morah closed the bottles and taped handles on so we could shake the bottles.

P1100629 P1100621 P1100610 P1100608


The day before Purim, we made hamentashen together (cookies in a triangle shape).

Morah made a circle with a cookie cutter, then we used spoons to carefully put jelly in the middle.


On Purim day, we joined everyone for our school party. We saw friends dressed in costumes like kings and queens. We brought our graggers to shake. There was a lot of dancing and singing. Some of us even joined in! It was so much fun!

P1100652 P1100651