Making Music!

Here in the Infant class room, we are developing our appreciation for the arts! We have a couple of instruments in our class room and we’re letting our musical creativity soar! (:


Play time!

First of all, welcome back everyone! I hope everyone had a wonderful spring break (:

The infants build their social interaction when in the classroom. And there is no better way than through play time! The infants play and interact in our child safe indoor playground where they can slide, climb, and babble to each other.

It is also a great place where some of us can build our muscles so we can prepare ourselves to walk! (:

Arts and Crafts in the Infant Classroom

These busy bees are always exploring their creativity in the classroom with some new art supplies!

They are learning to make choices and learning various colors with these child-safe art supplies.

Previously celebrating Purim, the infants created their own noise makers with recycled materials such as water bottles, buttons, bells, and pebbles. They practiced their hand-eye coordination as they dropped items into a funnel. They will be so fun to use at our Purim party!



Finger Painting in the Infant classroom! ūüôā


Creativity is always encouraged in the classroom, even though it can get a bit messy! We started out with the primary colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue. This enables the child to experiment with different color combinations.


We also experiment with different applicators to apply the paint on to our projects such as toy trucks, cotton swabs, and brushes. However, our most favorite is with our hands! ūüėÄ


Fun Photo Ops ūüôā

20170202_111306¬†Just relaxing…

20170202_111316¬†Making some music…

20170207_143059¬†The mirror-top table is the “water cooler” of the infant room!

Making Art

We welcomed a new friend to our Infant and Walker class this week! She enjoyed making the rounds and saying hello to her new friends.



Our infants and walkers are making art for our Children’s Gallery event next week. By using different tools to paint on a white canvas, even our littlest artists are able to notice cause and effect. How interesting to see what our hands can do when we move them around and use different types of tools! To see the finished product, you will need to come to the unveiling on Wednesday! ūüėČ

20170126_103349 20170126_105213  20170126_101512 img_4937 img_4954

Just for fun…Peekaboo!


Happy Chanukah!

There is another holiday coming soon, Chanukah, also called the festival of light.

We looked at and listened to stories about this holiday.

We are hearing¬†new words: “menorah,””candle,” and “dreidel.” Some of us practiced saying¬†the new words we heard.

20161220_1424071 20161219_092509 20161216_105622 20161216_105443

We looked at the play menorah.We used our little fingers to place candles in the menorah.

20161219_143025  20161219_142929 20161214_105628 20161214_110035 20161214_105633

Another fun game which we played was dreidel, a four-sided top which can spin on it’s pointed base.

We held the dreidel in our hands and felt its shape. Some of us tried to spin it round and round. It was so much fun to look and play with!

20161220_142530 20161214_104944 20161212_105736

20161219_090726 20161219_0907101

Happy Chanukah to everyone!

We love to be active!

Each day is filled with opportunities for movement, sometimes new and challenging ones.

We love to be in motion all the time!

We practice using our muscles and building balance by climbing up and sliding down.

p1110790        p1110789          p1110783


Some of us practice walking, some of us practice crawling.


Sometimes when we fall down, a wonderful friend helps us stand back up and walks by our side.

20161208_112337   20161205_114055

Being mobile is so much fun. We can go explore different places on our own!

We can independently discover what is on the shelves in our classroom, and we can reach and chose a toy that we want to play with.

20161130_155215   20161202_144413     20161202_144331

20161206_141938 20161205_114136-copy

We played with instruments. It is so much fun to discover new sounds.

20161207_103012 20161207_103024          20161207_103110      20161207_102920   20161207_103029      20161207_103633

We noticed that not only instruments can make music. We also can use everyday objects around us to make music too!


Building sharing habits

We have been practicing putting coins in a Tzedekah box (a charity box) for others in need. By getting into this habit even in our youngest years, we begin to form motor memory that later comes with a deeper understanding of how our actions help others.

20161121_103025  20161121_103039

We each got our own Tzedekah box to paint that we can take home and continue to practice the habit of giving tzedaka with our families!

20161122_125926 20161122_125907

20161122_103331 20161122_103341

We are very thankful for our families who give us unconditional love every day.

We are also so thankful for our friends who fill our day with a lot of fun and smiles.

20161109_114032 20161109_113719 20161108_144247 p1110772   20161111_120516

We are thankful for the wonderful weather because we can enjoy the fresh air.






Enjoying the Fall…

We introduce our youngest children to nature by taking walks outside together in our stroller and by spending time interacting with natural objects on our playground.

p1110754 p1110755

Spending time outdoors allows for valuable movement time. Bending over, being picked up and set down, supported in sitting, laying in the grass all help our infants and walkers develop balance and body awareness through experiencing movement and position changes.

p1110756 p1110761 p1110752

Having time to interact with nature through sensory play encourages babies to respond purposefully by reaching for and touching objects around them.

p1110759 p1110758

Giving babies time on the floor encourages them to actively play and explore.

p1110768  p1110769

The next step is offering a variety of materials to touch, look at, grasp and mouth. Sensory play with natural objects helps them learn how to process information from their sensory systems accurately.

p1110778  p1110775

p1110771 p1110773

All about apples…

This week we have been getting ready for our first Family Event-Apples in the Sukkah!

Morah brought to our classroom a box of apples.We could touch them and smell how sweet they are. For some of us, this was our first experience with the fruit. We felt the round shape and smooth skin.

20161019_103551     20161020_103304    20161019_100157


We also saw that when we push the apple on the floor, it rolls like a ball!

20161020_103450   20161019_101500

We had a very special job to do for our big event- making applesauce with our toddler friends.

First, we watched how Morah peeled off the skin from the apples. Then, we put pieces of apple in a big pot and poured in water. Morah cooked the pot on the stove and when it was done, we had yummy apple sauce, which we love so much!

20161019_100324    20161019_105438


We also found another use for an apple-we can use it as a stamp! Half of an apple is a perfect fit for our older friends’ hands. We were so amazed to see what we can do using an apple dipped in paint!


p1110735   p1110738   p1110743

Our younger friends painted too by using their hands for tapping or moving back and forth to make a pretty apple colored painting!

p1110748   p1110751


The best thing about an apple is the taste. We love the sweetness of the apples and when we take a bite we can hear a very yummy “crunch, crunch!”

p1110730   20161019_100339   20161019_105637