New year, new friends, new adventures in Infant’s class..

The first week of school went by so fast!

Itt was an amazing time, which we spent getting to know our new friends and exploring our classroom.

Every day, Morah took us for a walk outside in our big stroller so we could see our new environment around school building.


Next week, we are going to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the New Year. This week, Morah introduced us to this holiday by showing to us new objects such as an apple, a shofar, and a honey jar. Morah also read us books about Rosh Hashanah.

We were able even to touch these objects and play with them.


L’shanah Tovah from our Infant Class to all of You! Have a sweet new year!




Let’s do art !

We have been so busy for the past few days. Just like our older friends, we started preparation for the annual art show.

We were going to make our art by layering different colors of paint.

Morah gave us two canvases.

Our work started with painting the primary layer. Each of us got different color of paint to make a unique piece of art.


Everyone chose a different way of how to start. Some of us decided to use a paint brush….



… some of us preferred to use our little hands and fingers.


No matter what technique we used, we were amazed that our moves caused marks on our canvaces.


The next step was adding another layer of colors to our canvases by using different tools.

By using the car toy we made nice lines and patterns.


A pompom dipped in paint made round shapes.


We used even a ball to create circles on our art.


We were so excited to see that our movements can create art.



We were so proud of our work. We learned that you can make art by using many different things. You can create any picture by using any tool and imagination.

Look what we have created!




Getting Ready for our Purim Party

We have been getting ready for our school Purim party.

Every friend in our school made a special food gift called Mishloah Manot for another friend.

Together with our Morahs we decorated our special gift bags.

We used the paint with our hands and brushes to make our gift bags very colorful and unique.



When the bags were completely  dried, we helped Morahs  put food in the bags.

Our bags had two hamentashen (special cookies in a triangle shape) and pretzels.


At our school party, other friends give us a bag of Mishloach Manot that they made especially for us!  

We had so much fun listening to the music, shaking the graggers that we made, and being together with everyone at our party!



Purim is Coming

The holiday of Purim is coming! On Purim, one of the ways we celebrate is by shaking a GRAGGER. A gragger is a noisemaker.

We made our own graggers that we could use in our classroom and at our school Purim party later this month.

We had little plastic bottles and we put rocks, beads and little bells through the hole.

This helps us developed our hand and eye coordination.

After that Morah taped the top of bottle closed to keep all the pieces inside.

Then, we checked to see if our graggers were working. We shook  our graggers as strong as we could.





So fun to be at school!

Each day in our classroom brings us  lots of fun and new experiences.

We practice how to share toys with our friends, looking at the books and hearing stories from Morahs.



We are getting more adept at moving around our classroom, from crawling, to cruising, to taking our first independent steps.




Every day we have new experiences, reach new milestones and get to know our friends better,  which helps  us through the day with smiles on our faces ;)…



Chanukah in Infants class…

In our classroom it was time to celebrate another holiday- Chanukah.

This is our first experience with this holiday, so everything we saw was new to us.

We learned about the holiday of Chanukah through the books which Morah read.

We are still very little and even though we are not able to talk yet, we enjoyed hearing Morah say new words such as: “menorah,” “light,” and “dreidel.” Hearing others speak is how we first begin to build language skills.



During Chanukah we played with a dreidel, a four sided top which can spin on it’s pointed base.

Morah showed us how to spin the dreidel. We held it in our little fingers and tried to spin.

We loved to watch how the dreidel was spinning round and round.



The season of being thankful…

The fall season is all around us.

We noticed that some trees have lost their leaves, some still have them.

This season we have a holiday when we are thankful and grateful for everything we have.

Together with Morah, we made something for our mom and dad because we are thankful that they for their care of us.

We started with an outline of a leaf. Our job was to paint it by using the paints in colors of fall.

On our pictures Morah  added such colors as: red, yellow, orange, green.

We used our little fingers to color the picture.

We had so much fun mixing the colors.We also loved the sound of squishing the ziplock bags where Morah placed our pictures to protect our hands from getting dirty.

We even helped our friends paint.We discovered that working together brings  us so much fun!







It’s Autumn !


After a warm and very sunny summer, we’ve entered the season of fall. This is our very first fall so everything that comes with autumn is so new and very exciting for us!

Morah showed us all the autumn treasures.

We were able to see and touch round and very orange pumpkins…


and different kinds of bumpy squash. We touched apples and felt how round and smooth they are…



But the most fun we had was with the leaves…

Leaves in the fall season change color from green into red, orange, yellow or brown and fall from the trees. When we played with the leaves, they made nice “crunch crunch” sounds.


Together with Morah, we placed leaves in a container with water.We were able to see that leaves can float on water too!


Fall is also time for cozy blankets, hat and coats!

This helps us feel warm during our outside time when days are chilly and windy.



We love to see every day when we go for a walk all of the pretty colors on the trees!






Our little hands ….

Our school environment has so many experiences and items to spark our curiosity.

Every day brings us new opportunities to explore.

We are getting  to know new shapes, different  textures, and  we are even getting to know ourselves!

One of the tools which we use to discover and learn about our  environment is our little hands.

Thanks to them ,we learned the ball that we play with is round and has many textures.

It can be  soft, hard and also bumpy…


Our hands  also  help our bodies sit  straight so we can see better and help us learn to balance ourselves.


We can grab objects  which we  are interested in  so  we can  take a closer look…



We are able to pull the things out of baskets and boxes …


We are still  little, but we  are already able to help our friends feel better by reaching  our and  holding their hands…


Our happy first week in Zimmer!

Our first week in preschool went by so quick! We spent this time to get to know our new friends and discovering our classroom and the new toys around us.






We were enjoying the weather and spending time outside. Morah took us for a walk in a stroller.




We  are looking  forward to a great year together!