It’s Autumn !


After a warm and very sunny summer, we’ve entered the season of fall. This is our very first fall so everything that comes with autumn is so new and very exciting for us!

Morah showed us all the autumn treasures.

We were able to see and touch round and very orange pumpkins…


and different kinds of bumpy squash. We touched apples and felt how round and smooth they are…



But the most fun we had was with the leaves…

Leaves in the fall season change color from green into red, orange, yellow or brown and fall from the trees. When we played with the leaves, they made nice “crunch crunch” sounds.


Together with Morah, we placed leaves in a container with water.We were able to see that leaves can float on water too!


Fall is also time for cozy blankets, hat and coats!

This helps us feel warm during our outside time when days are chilly and windy.



We love to see every day when we go for a walk all of the pretty colors on the trees!