Our little hands ….

Our school environment has so many experiences and items to spark our curiosity.

Every day brings us new opportunities to explore.

We are getting  to know new shapes, different  textures, and  we are even getting to know ourselves!

One of the tools which we use to discover and learn about our  environment is our little hands.

Thanks to them ,we learned the ball that we play with is round and has many textures.

It can be  soft, hard and also bumpy…


Our hands  also  help our bodies sit  straight so we can see better and help us learn to balance ourselves.


We can grab objects  which we  are interested in  so  we can  take a closer look…



We are able to pull the things out of baskets and boxes …


We are still  little, but we  are already able to help our friends feel better by reaching  our and  holding their hands…


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