Happy Chanukah!

There is another holiday coming soon, Chanukah, also called the festival of light.

We looked at and listened to stories about this holiday.

We are hearing new words: “menorah,””candle,” and “dreidel.” Some of us practiced saying the new words we heard.

20161220_1424071 20161219_092509 20161216_105622 20161216_105443

We looked at the play menorah.We used our little fingers to place candles in the menorah.

20161219_143025  20161219_142929 20161214_105628 20161214_110035 20161214_105633

Another fun game which we played was dreidel, a four-sided top which can spin on it’s pointed base.

We held the dreidel in our hands and felt its shape. Some of us tried to spin it round and round. It was so much fun to look and play with!

20161220_142530 20161214_104944 20161212_105736

20161219_090726 20161219_0907101

Happy Chanukah to everyone!


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