We love to be active!

Each day is filled with opportunities for movement, sometimes new and challenging ones.

We love to be in motion all the time!

We practice using our muscles and building balance by climbing up and sliding down.

p1110790        p1110789          p1110783


Some of us practice walking, some of us practice crawling.


Sometimes when we fall down, a wonderful friend helps us stand back up and walks by our side.

20161208_112337   20161205_114055

Being mobile is so much fun. We can go explore different places on our own!

We can independently discover what is on the shelves in our classroom, and we can reach and chose a toy that we want to play with.

20161130_155215   20161202_144413     20161202_144331

20161206_141938 20161205_114136-copy

We played with instruments. It is so much fun to discover new sounds.

20161207_103012 20161207_103024          20161207_103110      20161207_102920   20161207_103029      20161207_103633

We noticed that not only instruments can make music. We also can use everyday objects around us to make music too!



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