Building sharing habits

We have been practicing putting coins in a Tzedekah box (a charity box) for others in need. By getting into this habit even in our youngest years, we begin to form motor memory that later comes with a deeper understanding of how our actions help others.

20161121_103025  20161121_103039

We each got our own Tzedekah box to paint that we can take home and continue to practice the habit of giving tzedaka with our families!

20161122_125926 20161122_125907

20161122_103331 20161122_103341

We are very thankful for our families who give us unconditional love every day.

We are also so thankful for our friends who fill our day with a lot of fun and smiles.

20161109_114032 20161109_113719 20161108_144247 p1110772   20161111_120516

We are thankful for the wonderful weather because we can enjoy the fresh air.







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