Enjoying the Fall…

We introduce our youngest children to nature by taking walks outside together in our stroller and by spending time interacting with natural objects on our playground.

p1110754 p1110755

Spending time outdoors allows for valuable movement time. Bending over, being picked up and set down, supported in sitting, laying in the grass all help our infants and walkers develop balance and body awareness through experiencing movement and position changes.

p1110756 p1110761 p1110752

Having time to interact with nature through sensory play encourages babies to respond purposefully by reaching for and touching objects around them.

p1110759 p1110758

Giving babies time on the floor encourages them to actively play and explore.

p1110768  p1110769

The next step is offering a variety of materials to touch, look at, grasp and mouth. Sensory play with natural objects helps them learn how to process information from their sensory systems accurately.

p1110778  p1110775

p1110771 p1110773


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