All about apples…

This week we have been getting ready for our first Family Event-Apples in the Sukkah!

Morah brought to our classroom a box of apples.We could touch them and smell how sweet they are. For some of us, this was our first experience with the fruit. We felt the round shape and smooth skin.

20161019_103551     20161020_103304    20161019_100157


We also saw that when we push the apple on the floor, it rolls like a ball!

20161020_103450   20161019_101500

We had a very special job to do for our big event- making applesauce with our toddler friends.

First, we watched how Morah peeled off the skin from the apples. Then, we put pieces of apple in a big pot and poured in water. Morah cooked the pot on the stove and when it was done, we had yummy apple sauce, which we love so much!

20161019_100324    20161019_105438


We also found another use for an apple-we can use it as a stamp! Half of an apple is a perfect fit for our older friends’ hands. We were so amazed to see what we can do using an apple dipped in paint!


p1110735   p1110738   p1110743

Our younger friends painted too by using their hands for tapping or moving back and forth to make a pretty apple colored painting!

p1110748   p1110751


The best thing about an apple is the taste. We love the sweetness of the apples and when we take a bite we can hear a very yummy “crunch, crunch!”

p1110730   20161019_100339   20161019_105637


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