Our way to explore the World around us…

We use many of our senses to learn about the world around us. Every day at school we have a lot of  experiences indoors and outdoors.

We love to play with the sand. For some of us, it is the very first time touching sand. We explore the wonderful texture of the sand and what we can do with it.

We know that we can pour it from one hand to the other .We can also make a hole in the sand  by using the shovel.

p1110640 20160916_111428 20160916_111414

Last week we had a visitor in our classroom. It was Fluffy, the chinchilla, who is one of our school pets.

We got to play with her for a while. We’ve been learning  how be nice and gentle with pets. We really love interacting with animals!

p1110645 p1110646 p1110643

We spend a lot of time exploring our environment by touching.

By touching things in our environment, we experience different textures and shapes. We are learning that some round shapes are balls and that we can have a lot of fun playing with it.

Touching leaves, which are still green, feel soft and smooth. Very soon, when fall comes, they are going to turn into many different colors and make a nice crunchy sound when we touch them.

p1110658 p1110675

One of our favorite experiences was touching water beads. Morah put them in ziploc bag. They started out very little, but when we add some water, they grow bigger!  We were excited to play with them. We loved the soft texture of the beads and nice colors. We could roll them back and forth inside the bag.

p1110652 p1110651


One of the best ways to explore and learn about the world around us is by looking at books and listening to Morah read to us.

Every day we learn about how to use books. We know that books have a square shape, and they are hard, and we know also that books are not for eating ;)))

Right now, we are still little. We like to turn the pages and look at the pictures. But one day we are going to  learn all the letters and new words and we’ll be able to read many, many amazing stories !! :))



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