Our first week at Zimmer…

The first day of school was so amazing. We met new friends and had fun interacting with the various materials in the classroom. We are building hand-eye coordination, fine motor muscles, and social skills as we interact with each other and Morah. Playdough is a very sensory activity, encouraging infants’ curiosity in exploring the world around them. As they squish and squash the dough, they are strengthening their little fingers, hands, and wrists.

p1110621 p1110622 p1110627

The weather has been so beautiful that we spent as much time outside as we could. We interact with the outdoor environment using our senses of touch, hearing, sight and smell. Exploring nature presents wonderful opportunities to build vocabulary and introduce children to the basics of biology. Children are natural born scientists, curious and ready to learn. Even in infancy, children are already comparing and contrasting objects as they explore the world around them.

20160907_114058_resized 20160908_111152_resized


We are so exited for new school year and new adventure at Zimmer! 🙂



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