Discovering and Exploring the Natural World

I hope you enjoy these pictures of the children discovering and exploring the natural world. We offer opportunities to play outside whenever possible; we watch out the windows; and we bring natural objects into the classroom. They develop their natural senses as they look at the trees, the sky, & the snow; hear the breeze blowing and birds singing, smell the autumn leaves and evergreen boughs, and feel the grass, leaves, stones, and twigs.

We begin our journey together, bundled up for a fun ride.

In their outside adventures, each child stimulates their senses in different ways.  Some feel the leaves crunching under their feet, others giggle at the feel of a new texture, while others begin to develop early climbing skills.

We explore nature even when inside, with fragrant wood pieces and spruce cones.  The children observe how their friends explore the items, inciting their curiosity and enhancing how they approach their own play.


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